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Murray Life Adventures tailor programs to meet camp objectives.


Youth participants include:

• School camps

• Youth groups

• Holiday programs

• Sporting groups

• Clubs and special interest groups

The four learning topics that form the basis of our sessions include:

• Teamwork

• Conditioned Responses / Habits

• Law of Attraction

• Human / Being  / Higher Self

• An exciting, momorable experience

• A lot of fun!!

Workshops are then simplified or extend depending on the age and experience of the participants.


Please feel free to call contact Fred and chat about preferred program inclusions. All camps to tailored to ensure participants get the most out of their time with Murray Life Adventures.


St Mary's Primary School, Echuca

At the end of May 2019, we took 96 of our Year 3 St. Mary’s students to Murray Life Adventures. All students had a fantastic day and it was definitely the highlight of their school year.


Fred, Jim, Mick, BJ and Narelle were professional, safe and fun with all of our students. They were organised and had the day well planned out for us. Students participated in rock climbing, flying fox, giant swing, bush surfing, canoeing and the obstacle course. All of the activities helped to develop students’ confidence, resilience and teamwork skills. The students were encouraged to give everything a go even if they were nervous. The team of facilitators were also very inclusive and accommodating of our students who had different needs and abilities. At the end of the day, students were so proud of what they had accomplished.


Overall, it was a incredible experience and we will definitely be coming back! Thanks!

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