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“15 years ago my brother Jim and I, had mutual friends who ran a training camp and activities program. One day we went along to help them facilitate and loved it. Better still we identified that our property would be ideal for a personal development camp”. – Fred Kirkpatrick, owner MLA.

Fred and his family are the founding owners and operators of Murray Life Adventures, situated on the Murray River in Victoria.

The journey of Murray Life Adventures began in 2014, building adventure activities and establishing programs.

The high and low ropes course is always popular. It was quickly identified that there was a significant demand to include overnight stays. Subsequently, a campground was established along with accommodation options and associated facilities. We are now enjoying facilitating 2, 3 even 4 day camps.

Our experience lies in delivering a wide range of business, life and personal development training programs. Tailoring programs to meet the objectives of clients adds extensive value for participants.

One of our first customers was the LLENN group and Blue Edge Police Programs. Now, after many programs with disengaged youths we have developed a successful method of engaging teenagers. We have options to lift or lower the bar, depending on the group.

The MLA team are very proud of the feedback and results we are receiving. Contributing to helping youths transform their lives, navigate their way through life and become happy and successful people brings us much joy and satisfaction.

We look forward to welcoming you and your group to MLA and ensuring you get the most out of stay including immense, action-packed fun and adventure!

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