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The MLA Philosophy

Murray Life Adventures (MLA) have been specialising in youth personal development programs for over five years.

Fred Kirkpatrick and his brother built the MLA facility after being inspired by a similar camp. They loved it and thought their private, riverside property to be an ideal location. 

After facilitating a number of groups, Fred started to work out that teenagers don’t want to listen, don’t want to learn, they just want to do the “fun stuff”. Fred applied his 40 years of business experience, personal development training and self-improvement strategies to create pathways for these teenagers, that they could use, successfully. 

Over the coming years Fred and his team learnt what worked well and what wasn’t working so well, then improved each and every group, through customised programs. Each day was more successful than the last. Participants seemed to listen when discussing ‘choices’. They started responding and opening up, joining in on conversations.  Discussions include talking about things they want to talk about such as music, things they want, injuries, holidays, favourite sports etc. He is not a parent or a teacher, just ‘some bloke chatting about stuff’. 

MLA were soon approached by Blue Edge Police, Njernda Aboriginal Corporation, numerous schools and other youth groups. The participants that attended had some very sad stories of trauma at home, broken families, alcohol and violence, abuse etc, including personal issues with A.D.D, autism, learning difficulties, low self-esteem, attention seeking, rebellious behaviour and more. Fred could relate to this from his childhood, had empathy and a drive to help them. The MLA team wanted programs to include discussing real life challenges, the importance of teamwork and developing yourself as a person. Also, the awareness of ego and how we are all conditioned from our childhood and environments to have certain habits, some good, some bad. That, what you give, is what you get. How to set goals and how to attract what you want. From this, the ‘MLA Four Core Learning Topics’ were developed.

When young people are outdoors, active and outside their normal environment it can be a valuable opportunity to ‘plant some seeds’. Every group attending has a customised program tailored to their needs, all very purposeful, with amazing transformations for some. Awareness of the MLA four core learnings are easy to understand, become aware of, and then implement into your life - to become the best version of yourself. They are for anyone. They are very valuable at any stage of life, but then what people do with this new knowledge, is up to them. 

After 20 years of immersing himself in personal development, learning from some of the most regarded and wise people on the planet, Fred found that MLA camps made him very aware that young people don’t want to listen. The trick is that when you do fun activities for about 45mins then chat for 10mins you can slowly add in the four core leanings in a fun way. Progress can be made. The MLA team have seen some great improvement and measurable results from follow up conversations with schools and the participants themselves. 

We are pleased to be able to offer this facility in regional Victoria, to assist with the mental and physical wellbeing of our young people, and anyone who thinks they could benefit from this approach to outdoor education. The MLA four core learnings are delivered in a way that is appropriate for each session, and are proven to have very successful results. 

Not limited to school and youth groups Murray Life Adventures also facilitate wellness retreats, corporate groups, clubs, special interest groups, sporting teams, families and leadership groups of all types and sizes. 

With the addition of a fully equipped camp MLA now offer overnight school camps, corporate functions, family events and festive holidays with bookings now extended over 12months in advance.  
For further information please feel free to contact Fred directly. 

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