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Murray Life Adventures tailor programs to meet a range of training and development objectives.


Participants can include:

• Educational camps

• Holiday programs

• Sporting groups

• Clubs

• Special interest groups

The four learning topics that form the basis of our sessions include:

• Teamwork

• Conditioned Responses / Habits

• Law of Attraction

• Human / Being  / Higher Self (ego)

Workshops are then simplified or extend depending on the age, experience and diversity of the participants.


Please feel free to call contact Fred and chat about preferred program inclusions. All camps to tailored to ensure participants get the most out of their time with Murray Life Adventures.

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Nacho Station

We had the pleasure of staying at Murray Life Adventures recently. The stunning river side glamping and camp kitchen setup is great for large groups. The team were very welcoming and made our experience on the adventure park one to remember. Would highly recommend for any age.

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